Have Us Speak: How We Can Help Equip You

It is both our MISSION and our PASSION to come serve at your church, college group or high school group (+ parent group) with any of our training seminars. Below are our most popular seminars. Our training is always CUSTOMIZED to meet your specific needs.

  • Basic Training in Christian Apologetics

    Reason For Truth® is committed to "training up" a new generation of Christians to be able to defend and advance the Christian faith in the 21st Century. This Basic Training seminar is designed to provide an engaging and practical introduction to Christian Apologetics as it relates to real life evangelism and faith-building. Questions like "Does God Exist?", "Do all roads lead to heaven?", "If there is a God, then why does Evil exist?" and more are dealt with in a very engaging manner and is typically delivered in a Friday evening and all day Saturday event with NATC instructors Dr. J. Thomas Bridges and founder Steven Garofalo at the helm. Click here to host a Basic Training event in your hometown! To inquire about or host a a Basic Training event in your hometown, you can contact us by CLICKING HERE.


  • All Roads Don't Lead To Heaven-religious Pluralism Seminar!

    This seminar is designed to help your church, student or youth group understand and respond to one of the most pressing issues challenging the exclusivity of Christianity in the 21st Century-Religions Pluralism. Forty-six percent of American's polled by Barna Research believe that the Quran, the Book of Mormon, and the Holy Bible all lead to the same spiritual truth-meaning the same God. Steven Garofalo leads this seminar in series of talks ranging from three to six sessions. To learn more about having Steven Garofalo come out to your church or group to deliver this engaging and dynamic seminar, CLICK HERE.

  • Right For You, But Not For me (seminar)

    The goal of these sessions is to equip people to handle the "toughest of the tough" questions out there. With all of the moral issues spinning throughout our culture (e.g. marriage, euthanasia, war, etc), it can be hard to get your bearings--almost like a spiritual "vertigo" of sorts. Because of this, Christians often feel pressured and become uncertain about what to believe. The good news is this: ABSOLUTE TRUTH DOES EXIST and God wants us all to know it! These sessions are centered around that principle and are intended to boost your confidence in your ability to know the truth and to give an answer to these challenging topics. To inquire about or host a Moral Relativism seminar based on the book Right For You, But Not For Me-A Response To Moral Relativism, CLICK HERE.

  • TAILORED Apologetics

    Your topic not listed above? There are numerous other topics about which we are equipped to speak. Click here to inquire about an apologetics training event that is tailored to your needs and concerns.

    Here are a few example topics we teach that might pique your interest:

    Moral Relativism,  Bio-Ethics,  Arts & The Media, Business Ethics,  Christians & Politics , Environmentalism,  Human Sexuality,  War,  Civil Disobedience, Abortion , World Religions/Cults . To inquire about a custom speaking engagement, training seminar or conference, CLICK HERE.

  • Equipping Students

    Statistics show that between 60%-83% of Christian students raised in the church will leave their faith by the end of their college career; most within the first year at the university. Reason for Truth speakers are especially trained to train high school and college students to be able to not only defend and keep their faith-but to share it with others. CLICK HERE to sign up up for one of our seminars or customize a seminar or training needs that fit your church, group, or family.

  • A word from kerby anderson

    "It has always been important for Christians to know what they believe and to know how to defend their faith (1 Peter 3:15). In this time of pluralism and postmodernism, it is vital that Christians be trained in apologetics. That is why I encourage you to find out more about Reason For Truth. Steve Garofalo is ready to equip you and your church to be more effective in evangelism (Matthew 28:19-20) and outreach to our culture."

LEADERSHIP "Train The Trainer

Reason for Truth can equip lay or professional leadership with the ability to train others-"Train the Trainer". This can be done in conjunction with a church or student seminar or in a customize training formatted over 1-3 days. Please email us by CLICKING HERE to inquire further.