Our Mission

Our mission by bringing best in class apologetics ministries and resources together under one roof. It is expanding to focus on church and United States Veterans. We want to bring those two entities together as one for Jesus Christ. This is being led by ReasonForTruth.Orb / ReasonForTruth.Bible founder and Director Steven Garofalo and Chaplain Paul Doyle. Chaplain Doyle served four years as a U.S. Marine and desires to speak into the hearts, lives and minds of hurting veterans as a seasoned chaplain. Steven Garofalo is a teacher-discipler and speaker whose father worked for the Department of the Navy for his entire career. (See About Speakers tab for more information). Our mission to miniser to the heart of veterans and the church with through both the heart and mind-bringing those two things together and equipping with the truth and love of Jesus Christ. 

Apologetics.Bible site is also comprised of the following partners:

1) ReasonForTruth/Org (Home of the National Apologetics Training Center). The mission of Reason For Truth is to equip both the hearts and the minds of today’s Christian in the twenty-first century church. Our desire is to assist churches and para church organizations to defend and advance the Gospel by identifying objections to the Christian faith and refuting those objections with rational arguments based on Biblical truth. Giving a defense is only half the equation. In addition to equipping for a defense, we also train believers to be able to give positive, proactive, and truthful reasons for why the Gospel is the truth of God. This includes giving a biblical, philosophical, scientific, and metaphysical reason for Christianity. "For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people". 1 Peter 2:15. (Continue)

2) Southern Evangelical Seminary SES was founded by Dr. Norman L. Geisler and is based out of Charlotte, NC as the apologetics seminary with multiple degrees based on Christian apologetics. 

3) RatioChristi.Org is the leading international college campus apologetics ministry club in the world. RC was founded out of Southern Evangelical. 

4) Josh McDowell Ministry a ministry of Evangelism and Author Josh McDowell is focused   

5) Sean McDowell is a Professor of Apologetics at Biola University in California. Sean is both a professor-teacher and speaker on subjects revolving around apologetics. 

What is RFT/NATC?

What is Reason For Truth® and the National Apologetics Training Center®?

Reason for Truth® is a teaching ministry committed to training believers in Christ to impact their world with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Reason for Truth® and NATC® work hand in hand with churches and para-church ministries to encourage, teach, train, and equip believers to develop a Biblical worldview so that they can passionately share their faith in order to advance the truth of God in Jesus Christ. We reason for Truth and give reasons for God.

In keeping Christ’s commandment, we want to encourage believers to love God with their hearts, soul, and mind with the overall goal of fulfilling the Great Commission through Apologetics and Evangelism. Reason For Truth (and NATC) is comprised of a core group of well-trained instructors with degrees in apologetics, theology, and philosophy.

Reason For Truth is the arm of ministry focused on equipping both church and para-church ministries. The National Apologetics Training Center is the academic arm of our ministry whose primary focus is geared toward the university campus/ and other academic platforms.